Housing is our specialty! Zuma Housing Group manages furnished apartments for domestic and international students. Most of our students go to LA Film Shcool, Theatre of Arts, EI School of Make up. We have variety of housing solutions for different budgets and demands.

The best thing about the Zuma apartments is that they are furnished and can be short-term. This makes it a great option for students who don’t want to make a year lease, international students coming for an English program, or young professionals who have an internship or short-term job in the area. We are also happy to house long-term tenants! We buy our furniture brand new and are updating all of our apartments with LCD televisions. We also include high speed internet in each apartment. Another thing that makes Zuma Housing special is that we offer low deposits and low deposit reductions. We don’t make international students pay an extra deposit, and we are upfront about what your deposit reductions will be.

Our most popular room options are the shared bedroom and the private bedroom options, which both include shared common areas. We can also arrange a private studio or one bedroom apartments upon request. At many of our buildings we have several apartments leased by Zuma Hollywood. That way, if you need a cup of sugar or you want to make a new friend, all you have to do is cross the hall! We also pride ourselves on good roommate matching. We do our best to match roommates based on age, interest, and habits, and many of our roommates have become lifelong friends!

Not only do we provide great apartments– we provide great customer service as well! We want to make sure that all of your needs are met while you stay in Los Angeles. We have a cleaning service that cleans the apartment before every new move-in. We can also offer periodic cleaning service to your apartment for a very competitive rate! We offer airport transfer to help you get safely into your new apartment. We cover the monthly utility costs for you and deal with any utility problems that may arise. We are available to you 24/7 in case you are having any problems with your apartment or utilities.

Above everything, our priority is to find the best housing solution to fit your needs. For more information on the options that we currently have available, please visit the “Apartments” page!